• Rhodium plating syrup per 1 L of solution

This is a rhodium plating syrup contents 2 gr of pure rhodium and should be mixed with 1 L of distilled water. Available only on request. We have best possible prices, but please contact us for latest prices before place an order because prices on rhodium changing every day. Larger quantity is available on request as well. No harmful chemicals. Shelf life is 2 years. Keep ready-to-use solution in dark, cold place.


Instruction to use:


- Very easy to use: just stir this syrup with 1 L of warm distilled water in a suitable glass or plastic container.

- Place in the container a rhodium coated anode and connect it to a positive power supply.

- Connect an object to be plated by copper or aluminium wire to a negative power supply and deep this object in same container under top level of solution.

- Apply 10-15 VDC for 30-60 seconds.

- Amperage range 1.5 - 2.0 A psi.

- Desired distance between anode and plating object: 1"-2" (25-50 mm).

- After plating process rinse the plated object in warm rinsing water.

- Dry.

- Polish.


Useful tips for beginners:



Shelf life - 2 years in a dark, cold place.

If you want to strip coated rhodium - change polarity of power supply.

To get a good result you must to clean all metal objects before start to plate them by rhodium.

Please remember that anode must be twice bigger then area of plating.

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Rhodium plating syrup per 1 L of solution

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