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New Life Design.

We are glad to welcome you on our website www.Electroplating.Tools

Our Internet shop exists since 2013.

New Life Design is an official Treatment of Surfaces Limited (TOSs Ltd.) distributor. We only offer TOSs Ltd. products in their fullest range and at prices which do not exceed manufacturer's prices. All products are sold with a mandatory manufacturer's warranty. We have connections with all the different TOSs Ltd. manufacturing areas including logistics and warranty workshop. During the long years of our collaboration we have been striving to provide flexible conditions for collaboration with our customers (dealing with delivery, payments, discounts, designing collaborative projects, tailoring the manufacturing process according to the required end product etc.). We always try to establish not only business partnership, but also a friendly relationship with our customers. Moreover, we always take responsibility for our actions and we are open for a dialog. We would be pleased to see you among our new customers and we are also always happy to see our returning customers.

About Treatment of Surfaces Limited:
We are a manufacturer of bespoke metal and plastic components and mechanisms. We also can produce and assemble for you bespoke machinery, equipment and accessories such as for:

Electroplating Processes
And for many other purposes

Large Selection:
We have brought nearly 1000 items together to give you excellent selection, quality and prices. Our London based company was founded in May 2010 and since then we have been producing top quality made in UK equipment and accessories that meet all professional standards (CE mark).

Comprehensive Product Knowledge:
We believe that superior customer service starts at the foundation of the company. We produce the products that we offer and can therefore provide professional expertise to back our products. 

Solid Reputation:
During our time here we have built a solid reputation for providing outstanding personal customer service and we aim to provide this same high level of service to our online customers as well. Unlike many websites we pride ourselves in the full knowledge of the products we offer.

Need Assistance?
We are here to help you.
Do not hesitate to contact our on-line customer service team, who will answer all your questions within 24 hours. Our workshops are manned by highly experienced engineers with manufacturing expertise. They work with our equipment and machinery for many years and also have the opportunity to invent and improve the products to better satisfy our customers requirements. Their commitment gives us greater control over the after-sales service that we offer as we do not have to rely on any third-party companies.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website where you can gain easy access to all the information you require. Our business is growing on a daily basis and supplies our equipment to a worldwide market. We have dispatched thousands of orders to customers across the UK and worldwide, with business continuing to grow.

Here on our website you have a unique opportunity to buy a wide range of professional electro-chemical and other equipment for heating, injection, vulcanizing, soldering, electroplating, electroforming and anodizing processes. You can also find chemicals & recycling production lines, agitation & water heating systems, tools, anodes, mandrels, cathode rotating stands and much more – all in one place.

If you struggle to find what you are looking for please feel free to contact us at any time for our full product range. Our website displays a limited amount of equipment and accessories. We also produce any special electro-chemical equipment required for educational purposes in laboratories, schools, colleges, or universities.  You can find professional equipment suitable for jewelers, model makers, sculptors, craft workers, small businesses, and hobbyist projects in order to perform injection, heating, melting, vulcanizing, recycling, cleaning, painting, soldering, drying etc.

Custom Orders:
We can manufacture any type of process equipment including many types of machinery and accessories. We will also supply the spare parts that you may require.

No order is too big or small:
Our projects range from the single custom order all the way to large scale manufacturing projects.

Comprehensive Service:
Our customers are provided with a full range of after-sale service for the equipment and accessories bought from us, including delivery and installation by our engineers, warranty maintenance, returns options, insurance, education and process guides. We look forward to hearing of your success with our equipment.

Helpful and Timely assistance when you need it most:
We are interested in the success of your business as much as you are, and our friendly staff are always happy to help you.

Please be assured that all customer information and transactions are absolutely confidential and 100% secure. In addition, your personal details will not be used without your knowledge and consent.