This is a 30 Ampere professional electro plating & electro forming station with all four industrial coating options: stripping, heating, agitation and rotation that will allows you to plate all conductive (metals) and non-conductive (glass, wood, plastic etc) materials to ensure a high quality result on all your projects. This station has also a 5th important option: 10-turns potentiometer to get a high precision level of amperage & voltage.

Technical specification:

-Input: 110 VAC – 240 VAC;

-Output: 1.3-12 VDC / 0-20 ADC continuously + 30 A on pick;

-Plating line with 4-mm connectors for your comfort;

-1 CRS (Cathode Rotating Stand 4-6 RPM) with a plastic gears (to avoid corrosion by chemicals evaporated from tanks) and with a movable motor (on a metal arm (rod));

-3 plastic PP tanks with dimensions in INCH (mm): 8″x3,3/5″x3,3/5″H (190x90x90(H));

-Movable, 50-Watt adjustable glass heating element with a thermostat;

-Plating-Stripping switch (for removing all unwanted coating from a previously plated objects).

-Digital A/V meter on front panel for your convenience;

-Air agitation system with a clear PVC hose on a metal arm (including compact air compressor) for high quality of coating and save your chemicals;

-Automatic overload cut-off system;

-Two sets of cables: for main line and for Brush/pen/CRS;

-Stainless steel 312 anode for cleaning, gold and silver plating purposes;

-Approximate dimension of the station in INCH (mm): 13″x13″x16″H (325x325x300(H) with arms;

-Beige colour polypropylene plastic body (chemically resistant material included acids) for your safety;

-Downloadable user manual;

-An electroplating brush/pen can be connected to the brush plating line as well;

-Weight: 4.7 kg.

-1 year full manufacturer warranty and free technical support on Skype.

 Delivery specification: 

-This professional electrochemical station;

-1 SS-316 anode for electro-cleaning, gold or silver plating processes;

-3 standard polypropylene plastic tanks;

– Set of two pairs of cables;

-One year manufacturer’s warranty;

-Downloadable instruction manual.

Instruction manual please download here

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5-IN-1 Professional Electroplating Station EPS-30A

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